Long-Term Care Planning

Our book, “You Have A Long-Term Illness—Will Your Estate Be Destroyed?” provides answers to some of the most pressing questions about Long-Term Care insurance. We offer this book complimentary to our clients and it can be purchased through Amazon at any time. One of the biggest misconceptions is that Medicare covers long-term care benefits which we explain in detail in our book. The chart below describes the six activities of daily living which will help determine your eligibility to receive long-term care benefits.

The Six Activities of Daily Living

We analyze our clients’ specific circumstances by performing a B.A.C.D.R.O.P. consultation, a process we’ve developed that makes it simple for you and our team to determine if a plan is necessary and if so, which option is best for you.

Without a proper plan to cover this rising cost, your retirement plan and your estate plan could be in grave danger. We recommend reading our book and taking the time to evaluate your specific circumstances. Please contact Julia and Erik for a complimentary B.A.C.D.R.O.P. consultation today.